Ortho Bucks

We have great contests in the office that are a lot of fun as well as the Ortho Bucks program where you'll be competing against yourself for prizes!

At Lingenbrink Orthodontics, we would like to reward you for taking extra good care of your teeth during your treatment with our Ortho Bucks program! To thank you for coming in today, we're giving you a head start with 5 Ortho Bucks!

Successful orthodontic treatment requires a team effort. To reward you for doing your part, we have fantastic prizes that can be redeemed at our office, such as gift certificates, movie passes, toys and much more! At each visit, you will have an opportunity to earn Ortho Bucks. By being a responsible patient, you will determine how many Ortho Bucks you accumulate at each appointment.

Here's how to earn your Ortho Bucks...


Ortho Bucks


Nothing loose or broken (brackets, bands, removable appliances).
1. Ortho Bucks are only awarded at regularly scheduled appointments. Walk-in or emergency visits do not apply.
Wear your Lingenbrink Orthodontics T-shirt to your appointment.
2. The number of Ortho Bucks you earn at each appointment is up to you.
On time for appointment.
3. The prizes may change from time to time and are subject to availability.
Wearing elastics, headgear, retainer.
4. Your Ortho Bucks are your responsibility. The "Bucks" are just like real money, and if you lose them, like money, they are gone!
Good oral hygiene. Teeth should be clean when you're seated and no visible food or plaque.
5. Once you spend your Ortho Bucks on a prize, they are spent. You must earn more Ortho Bucks to purchase more prizes.
Verified community service/charity work. Bring a written summary of what you did.
6. We take pride in our patients' oral hygiene. The doctors and/or assistant will determine if Ortho Bucks are earned for good oral hygiene.
If Dr. Lingenbrink or any of our staff see you outside the office with a Lingenbrink Orthodontics T-shirt on.
Raised grade 1 full letter, i.e., C to a B. If any grades go down a letter grade, you will not receive anything for "improved grades". Show us your report card.
Good grades. All As & Bs. Show us your report card.
Regular dental check-up & cleaning (note or receipt signed by dentist).
Referral. Our “thank you” for referring your friends to our office. Be sure they tell us you referred them! Ortho Bucks are awarded after the patient starts full treatment.

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