Effect of Wisdom Teeth on Orthodontic Treatment

Effect of Wisdom Teeth on Orthodontic Treatment
Posted on 07/20/2016

Some common questions orthodontists hear regarding wisdom teeth include, “Should I have my wisdom teeth removed before orthodontic treatment?”; “How do wisdom teeth affect orthodontic treatment?” and “Should I be concerned about my wisdom teeth coming in and moving my teeth?” Because so many people wonder how wisdom teeth affect orthodontic treatment, we've decided to discuss these common questions and concerns regarding these teeth.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Although some people are born without wisdom teeth, most people have four. Your wisdom teeth are the last molars located on each side of the jaws. They're the final teeth to emerge and usually appear during the teenage years or the early twenties.

Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed or Not?

The main reason wisdom teeth need to be removed is that there is not enough room available for them to come in wherein they remain fully or partially unerupted. When these teeth become trapped deep within the bone, they're referred to as impacted wisdom teeth. Only an oral surgeon can determine if fully impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed as several factors are taken into consideration when making this decision including the position & health of the teeth.

When wisdom teeth are visible but still don't have enough room to come in all the way, they are called partially impacted wisdom teeth. Partially impacted wisdom teeth almost always need to be removed because they're difficult to clean, making them very prone to decay.

To Pull or Not to Pull

If there is enough room in your mouth for your wisdom teeth to come in, it's usually not necessary to remove them. There has been an on-going debate concerning the effectiveness of removing wisdom teeth in order to prevent crowding of the front teeth. In spite of this debate, the general consensus is that removing wisdom teeth only prevents a very small amount of crowding and may not be worth the discomfort and complications of removing them. So the bottom line is: If your wisdom teeth have sufficient room to come in fully, your orthodontist will most likely tell you that you can keep these teeth.

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