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At Master Orthodontics, we strive to provide high quality orthodontic care in a fun, friendly, and welcoming office environment. Dr. Lingenbrink and our expert team of highly trained orthodontic specialists work hard to get to know all our patients individually, designing personalized treatment plans that perfectly fit their unique orthodontic situation and needs. We treat a wide variety of conditions at our office, and we'll work with you to design a comprehensive treatment plan that fits your needs, budget and lifestyle.

More Than Just Teeth

If you've heard much about malocclusions, or 'bad bites,' before, you probably know that they have to do with misaligned teeth – but for proper orthodontic treatment, we need to take more than just the teeth into account. To ensure proper treatment, it’s critical to consider the relationship between your teeth and your other craniofacial structures. That's where facial classification comes in.

Class I

Facial Profile
Maxillary–Mandibular Dental Protrusion: Teeth

This profile is characterized by a smaller lower jaw and teeth that jut forward. Treatment may require tooth extraction, but in general we'll avoid that step if necessary.

Facial Profile Characteristics
Maxillary-Mandibular Dental Retrusion: Teeth

This malocclusion is marked by teeth that sit too far back in the jaw, and we can often treat it through expansion instead of extraction.

Class II

Facial Profile
Maxillary Dental Protrusion: Teeth

This is characterized by only the upper teeth sitting too far forward, and again, it may require extraction. Where possible, we'll use braces to pull teeth back into line.

Facial Profile Characteristics
Mandibular Retrognathism: Jaws

In this malocclusion, the lower jaw bone is underdeveloped compared to the upper. This is best treated with early growth guidance.

Facial Profile
Teeth and Jaws
Maxillary Dental Protrusion: Teeth
Mandibular Retrognathism: Jaws

These malocclusions are characterized by upper teeth that jut forward and lower teeth that sit too far back. Skeletal disharmony makes this condition difficult to treat, and while we try to avoid it, it may require orthognathic surgery alongside orthodontic treatment.

Class III

Facial Profile
Mandibular Dental Protrusion: Teeth

This malocclusion has the lower teeth jutting forward, and may sometimes require tooth extraction to treat – although we'll try to avoid that.

Facial Profile Characteristics
Mandibular Prognathism: Jaws

This condition is marked by the lower jaw outgrowing the upper jaw, and unfortunately, skeletal disharmony makes it difficult to treat. We'll try to use less extreme measures, but this condition can require jaw surgery as well as orthodontics.

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