Classification of the Teeth

h-braces2If you’ve heard the doctor speak about the classification of your teeth, you might be wondering what it means. At Master Orthodontics in Bremerton, Gig Harbor, and Port Orchard, it is our goal to help our patients understand all they can about their care. This includes giving you information on the classification of your teeth. Basically, there are three categories of bite classifications, and they refer to where the first molars are positioned and come together. They are:

  • Class I – If your bite has been classified as Class I, you have a great bite. Your upper and lower jaws come together just right, bringing the molars into a perfect balance. While it’s a great place to be, there are other factors that determine orthodontic treatment, such as crowding and spacing.
  • Class II – If the first molar on the lower jaw is further back in the mouth than that of the first molar on the upper jaw, it is Class II. There are two divisions within this classification. When you look at someone with this classification, you might notice that the upper jaw and front teeth project further out. The lower lip and the chin may appear to be receding. Most Class II problems are received genetically, but thumb sucking and other environmental factors can also play a role. With growth redirection, the jaws and teeth can be brought back into harmony.
  • Class III – Class III is basically the opposite of Class II. In this case, the first molar on the lower jar is closer to the front of the mouth than the first molar on the upper jaw. It is also inherited genetically in many situations. The appearance of the profile is almost concave, where the chin is very prominent.

Whether you were born with these issues, or they were the result of other environmental factors, there is a way you can improve the comfort and aesthetics of your smile with the help of an experienced Port Orchard orthodontist.

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