Introduction to Orthodontics

v-braces1Before we get into any nitty gritty details, it is important to understand exactly what orthodontics is. This field of dentistry specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of dental and associated facial irregularities. In other words, orthodontics treats patients with bad bites, misaligned teeth, and improper jaw functions. By correcting these problems, individuals may see an improved smile, find it easier to eat, and even aid with speech impediments.

Who Should See an Orthodontist?

Orthodontic procedures are typically characterized as treatments that should be completed at a young age. Although we recommend that everyone see their orthodontist by age 7, there are no age limitations. Everyone is capable of achieving a beautiful, functional smile.

How Long Does Treatment Generally Last?

Treatment varies from one patient to the next due to a number of factors, including age, the kind of bad bite and more. With that said, treatment with braces or Invisalign can last anywhere between 6 and 30 months. After this time, you will be given a retainer so that all the hard work you have put in wearing braces will not be for nothing.

What are My Treatment Options?

If it has been determined that an orthodontic appliance is necessary to correct any bad bites, your doctor will examine a series of X-rays and impressions to make an informed medical decision as to what types of braces would work best for you.

Have You Seen an Orthodontist Lately?

If you or your children have not visited an orthodontist, we invite you to contact the office of Dr. Paul Lingenbrink. We currently have three offices in Gig Harbor, Bremerton, and Port Orchard, Washington for your convenience. And if you were worried about cost, your consultation visit is absolutely free. So what are you waiting for? Call us today!

Master Orthodontics

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