Invisalign Teen

Invisalign TeenMaster Orthodontics is proud to supply one of the widest selections of braces and orthodontic treatments that you’ll find in or around Bremerton, Tacoma, and Port Orchard. Among these many choices, our orthodontist, Dr. Paul Lingenbrink, and our entire team are capable of offering the fantastic orthodontic treatment of Invisalign – a discreet and almost virtually invisible way of straightening a smile. Not only do we provide Invisalign, but we also offer Invisalign Teen for our younger patients.

Invisalign Just for Teens!

While adults have had the opportunity to benefit from Invisalign for years, teenagers haven’t had the same chance. There were actually a few reasons as to why teens couldn’t undergo this treatment. The first was because there are many teens that have permanent teeth that are still erupting. This could potentially disturb the precisely-planned movement of the teeth during Invisalign treatment. Also, there are always worries about whether a teen would actually be committed enough to wear his or her aligners the required amount of time that they need to be effective.

Thankfully, with the help of Invisalign Teen, neither of these two issues are a problem anymore. Invisalign Teen comes with eruption tabs built in. What these tabs do is hold space open for teeth that haven’t fully erupted yet – making sure that the natural eruption won’t disturb the treatment. Invisalign Teen also comes with compliance indicators. These compliance indicators are actually small colored dots that are located near the back of the aligners. When a patient is wearing his or her aligners for the appropriate amount of time, these dots will fade away. However, if they don’t fade away, it indicates that the patient isn’t being compliant with wearing the aligners as recommended. As a bonus, the Invisalign Teen treatment even provides six free replacement aligners just in case the patient happens to lose any.

What Makes Invisalign Teen Great

Invisalign Teen offers many different benefits over the traditional orthodontic treatment of braces. Some of these great advantages are as follows:

  • Invisalign Teen’s aligners are clear and practically invisible. This allows a patient to have a much more discreet orthodontic treatment.
  • A patient won’t have to avoid any of his or her favorite foods. Since the aligners are removable, he or she will simply take out the aligners and continue eating whatever he or she likes.
  • As an added benefit of the aligners being removable, brushing and flossing remains simple since a patient won’t have to worry about cleaning around the brackets and wires of braces.
  • The aligners are made of polyurethane plastic. This provides a patient with more comfort than the metal wires and brackets of traditional braces.
  • The aligners are very durable, meaning that there’s much less of a chance of needing to schedule extra appointments with the orthodontist due to the orthodontics breaking.

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If you have any further questions about our Invisalign Teen treatment, we welcome you to contact us and let us know. If you’re interested in Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, braces, or any of our other orthodontic treatments, you can schedule an appointment with your orthodontist by filling out our appointment request form. We hope to hear from you soon!

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